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Z-Barre Fitness Class

“Ready to get long lean muscles, lose weight and achieve poise and grace?” asks Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness owner, Pauline Henriques. “Our Z-Barre class is like no other. It is designed so that everyone can do it and get results. Plus, like every other class at Z-Lifestyle, it’s fun!”

In a Z-Barre class, participants spend time at the ballet barre, practicing moves used by dancers to create their characteristic long, lean look. The barre class also includes time for dance and floor exercises. It is a thorough, whole-body workout, with an emphasis on stretching.

“Because the Z-Barre class helps to create lean muscle, it increases fitness and speeds weight loss by allowing participants to burn more calories all day long, even when resting,” assures Henriques.

Pauline Henriques and Mariana Sol Somma developed the class especially for Z-Lifestyle, and it displays their love for fitness, dance, teaching, and helping people achieve their fitness goals.

“The Z-Barre class will help people become more healthy, and the work they put in at the barre will pay off in their posture and core strength,” Henriques says.

Pauline Henriques is a certified personal trainer, health coach and holistic health counselor and has been in the fitness industry for over 23 years. Mariana Sol Somma, was certified as a contemporary and modern dance teacher and dancer in 2007 at the Ballet School of La Plata in Argentina.

Together they bring the best of both worlds to give you the best workout of your life.

Location: Westshore Plaza, 580 Rt. 303, Blauvelt. For more information, contact Pauline Henriques at 848-2211 or 201-637- 2047 or

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