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Your Go-To Resource for Wine Making and Home Brewing

When Jerry Pantano’s family’s produce business was winding down, he continued to sell grapes every fall to locals interested in making their own wine. From there someone suggested that he also start offering ingredients and materials for home brewing. He drove up to Westport, Massachusetts where he spent the day observing a business doing just that and came back inspired to expand his business to beer making as well. Since 2009, Pantano’s Wine Grapes & Home Brew Shop has been serving the Hudson Valley and beyond, providing quality craft beverage-making ingredients and accessories as well as Jerry Pantano’s extensive knowledge and friendly customer service.

In addition to wine and beer, aficionados can find what they need for mead making, cider making, distilling, canning, kombucha and more. They have a large inventory of equipment including pots, tubs, tanks, bottle, burners, juice pails, canning jars and more. They have everything for the beginner to the seasoned brewer or wine maker.

They also offer classes for enthusiasts to learn more about the craft of wine or beer making, as well as classes on other topics such as canning. About 5 years ago, Pantano started the Mohonk Brewers Association to support members in furthering their craft and knowledge in making quality beverages. It is an opportunity to learn from one another, share recipes and techniques and sample one another’s wonderful creations.

Location: 249 Rt. 32 South, New Paltz, N.Y. 12561. For more information, contact or 255-5201 or 707-5152 or visit or find them on Facebook.

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