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You Make the Dream…then the Dream Makes You: Tips for a Healthy Mind by Deb Holton-Smith

Why is it that children always dream big…but adults typically stop dreaming?

Fact: Many people spend more time planning their two week vacation than they do following their life's passions.

Fact: Adult dreams are usually based upon paychecks and the status quo of a satisfactory existence.

Fact: Those who have succeeded with life refused to let their dreams die.

Robert H Schuller once said, "The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking". You don't have to settle to be part of the ‘in’ crowd: in-debt, in-secure and insignificant.

Now is the time for a new direction. Believe that you can paint your own canvas.

Ask Yourself:

 Do I know what I want?

 What part do I want to play?

 Do I have goals (that are written down with a timeline set for accomplishment)?

Take some time to truly reflect on your answers. You may even wish to write down your answers.

Take Action:

 Give yourself permission to dream.

 Get unstuck by the passion of what you want. Your future depends on the power of your dream.

 Brainstorm what is possible. Don't let negativity from family, friends or yourself stop you.

 Make your dream emotional and make it specific. Create a visual dream-board with pictures that you will look at and see every day.

 Take care of your physical & mental health.

The true story about the little boys in the picture: Their dreams were to follow careers in the arts. Twenty-five years later, one is an established full-time commercial photographer in San Francisco. The other is constructing sets for block buster movies, television and the theaters in New York City. They are living every day doing what they love most.

Deb Holton-Smith is an independent health coach and registered nurse who helps individuals lose weight while also achieving optimal health. She currently is offering a free twelve week "Transformation Challenge" to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle for the body and mind. For more information and a free consultation, call 661-9883 or visit

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