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You, Feeling Younger by Andre Fritz

Most people believe that genetics are the sole determining factor to longevity. In actuality, genes are but 25 percent of the whole picture, with diet, exercise, self-care and mental, emotional and spiritual outlooks all having an effect as well. One of the simplest things we can do is to keep ourselves hydrated. Newborns are almost 80% water whereas adults are 55- 60% water and seniors can be as low as 45% water. So give your body what it needs, crystal clear, pure H2O. Not liquids that contain sugar or caffeine, but actual water. In addition to our body having less water as we get older, our ability to perceive thirst diminishes as we age as well, so we must be more proactive in our approach to hydration.

But how else do we keep our tissues hydrated to maintain our flexibility and mobility, especially when gravity is always pulling us down, shortening us and making us feel older? Structural Integration mechanically helps rehydrate the tissue, lengthen the body and return its balance in gravity while increasing flexibility and mobility. Structural Integration is like squeezing a sponge out in the intercellular fluid, rehydrating the tissue, keeping it supple and keeping you feeling younger. This is especially true after the effects of trauma (emotional and physical), surgery, repetitive stress or bad posture. Gravity is one of the strongest forces we live in and it exacerbates aging. Structural Integration is one of the main tools in offsetting gravity’s negative effects upon us.

Andre Fritz is a master certified practitioner of structural integration and certified Rossiter coach. He utilizes a unique blend of bodywork, movement and body-centered therapy to help relieve pain, enhance performance, reduce stress and create well-being. Call his Orange County office at 469-9329, his Rockland County office at 268-7782 or visit

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