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You Can Live Your Dream by Peter Heymann

Everyone can live their dream, everyone. It’s not always easy. It takes work, dedication and persistence. First you have to believe in yourself.

To know your dream you have to know yourself which requires really learning how to spend quiet, alone time with yourself. Dig in. Figure out what makes you tick and what holds you back. These are the puzzle pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of your life. When you figure out your puzzle pieces, you can figure out your dream and commit to living that dream.

Think of the process as investing in you. Too often we invest our time in figuring out and investing in others, considering how they affect us, how they block us, how they support us or how they put us down. Take that time and instead invest it in you and identify your dream. Then commit to yourself that you will focus on you to realize your dream. Pursue your dream with all you can muster. You and you alone will determine if you manifest your dream… no one else. It’s up to you to pursue. So pursue persistently.

Don’t let others get you down. Discard the people who don’t or won’t believe in you nor support you in following your dream. Instead, surround yourself with people who do believe in you and support you and whom you believe in and support. Form an alliance of dream support. Don’t ever give up on you…or your dream. Not ever, ever. It’s all up to you.

As part of your commitment to manifest your dream, find your purpose and find what brings you joy. Use this Venn diagram to help you visualize and discover your purpose and what will bring you joy. Study the image. What would you place in each circle? As you imagine the circles overlapping, what do you see in the center of all the overlapping circles? What is your purpose?

Whatever you do, don’t let fear block you…not fear of failure nor fear of success. Find you, find your purpose, be you and succeed.

Pete Heymann brings a unique mixture of experiences to his break / through career and life coaching practice. Besides being a highly trained community counselor, author and speaker, he is father to two adult sons and a husband of more than 40 years. This experience combined with his corporate sales, marketing and advertising proficiency, has given him a rich and diverse set of skills for his coaching practice. His mission is to provide guidance to people seeking positive change so they can live the life they love. Contact 802- 0544 or to schedule a free phone consultation or visit

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