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Yoga to Invigorate and Inspire by Kelly Kamm

As the days get shorter and the cold is upon us it’s easy to feel lackluster and unmotivated. Instead of falling prey to the television and couch how about trying a few simple yoga poses to kick-start your body, mind, and spirit?

 First, find a peaceful spot and sit quietly for a few minutes. You might ask yourself a question or two such as, “what is my purpose?”, “what makes my heart sing?”, “what do I really want to do with this amazing life that I’ve been given?” There is no need to have an answer to these questions. Simply asking them is enough. Take a few breaths deep into the belly. Follow the exhale all the way to the end and notice the little pause before the next breath flows in.

 When you are ready to move, reach your arms towards the sky on an inhale. As you exhale twist to the right and release the arms. Take a few breaths here. Imagine wringing out all your digestive organs like a sponge and getting rid of any toxins or stagnation. Repeat on the other side.

 Next, stand up and take a wide stance. Turn your right toes out and your left toes slightly in. Open your arms to a “T” position, then tip your front hand down and rest it on your shin. Reach the other arm straight up to the sky in triangle pose. Imagine you are like a star here, shining out in all directions and painting yourself across the sky. Light the shape up with your breath. Repeat on the other side.


A fun playlist to accompany your yoga
Intro – The XX
Rainbow Warriors – CocoRosie
Jai Sita Ram – MC Yogi

 Backbends are great energizers and are sure to get the creative juices flowing. For camel pose, come to kneeling and place your hands on your lower back. Lift your chest and begin to curl the heart up and back. Be mindful to drop the tailbone and breathe into the lower back. If you are comfortable here you can reach your hands to your heels. Stay a few breaths and then lead with the heart as you lift your torso back up. Sit back on your heels and savor the effects of your practice.

 To finish, sit or lie down quietly, giving your body an opportunity to integrate the work you’ve done. Perhaps you could ask yourself those questions again, knowing that the answer will come when it’s ready.

Keep rolling out the yoga mat whenever you can and you’ll be full of energy when inspiration strikes.

Kelly Kamm is the owner and director of Happy Buddha Yoga at 2 North Church St, Goshen. For more information, go to Happy- or contact 239-8879.

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