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Yoga Teacher Profile: Liz Glover Wilson

We are born with the natural ability to be happy living in our truth. But life can cloud our view and inhibit our growth. Yoga, art and nature can help lead us back to a childlike openness and our true selves. I first started my practice with Bikram and found a healing energy by which I am continually inspired.

Teaching has deepened my commitment to the art of yoga, as I feel it is so important to make it accessible for all. I often hear people say, "Yoga is not for me, because I am not flexible." I always reply, "perfect!" because the truth is that yoga is a journey that does not require previous experience or athleticism. It only requires coming to the mat with an openness and willingness to find some growth.

I want my students to come away from class with a calmer mind, a more steady breath and a sense of growth within themselves. Yoga provides us with a way to step away from distractions and find what we seek.

At my studio, my team and I aim to offer something for everyone, including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, yoga therapy, pre-natal yoga, restorative yoga, Nia Movement, sound healing and kids yoga. Vrksasana ("tree pose") is one of my favorite poses. When I see my students in Vrksasana, I am reminded that we are this beautiful forest of individuals who, like nature, need nourishment, support, breath and love to flourish in our individuality.

Location: 2694 Rte. 44/55, Gardiner. For more information, call 419-5219/5249 or visit

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