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Yoga Teacher Profile: Doreen Foxwell

Yoga has become my life mission for children. Since being introduced to yoga, I started a children's yoga program which became a franchise opportunity 6 years ago. Since then The Children's School of Yoga has had thousands of children participating each week in 4 states.

I love yoga because it gives me the ability to relax anywhere with yoga breaths and meditations. I often do yoga breathing in my car stuck in traffic or at my desk in between working on office type activities. I love the Dancer Pose as I was a dancer growing up and it brings me back to my roots.

My mission is to introduce yoga to children in a fun, age appropriate way so that they continue yoga as adults. If they take just one yoga pose or breathing technique and use it, we have achieved our mission.

To learn more about The Children's School of Yoga, call 782-YOGA (9642) or visit

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