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Yoga for Athletes by Kathleen McPhillips

Starting Monday, October 1 at 6 p.m., a Yoga for Athletes class will be held at CrossFit New Windsor in the town of New Windsor. The class will be facilitated by Kathleen S. McPhillips, registered yoga teacher who has been teaching all levels of yoga for nine years.

According to McPhillips, “Yoga will bring balance to the intensity of your Cross Fit workout and at the same time restore your physical flexibility.” Class attendees will learn about breath techniques, meditation and relaxation to calm and clear the mind. “All of this brings about inner peace,” says McPhillips. “Yoga nurtures the body, mind and spirit. It continues to bring me to a better place within myself especially through meditation. The more I meditate the more centered I am.”

Those who are not members of CrossFit New Windsor can participate by contacting McPhillips beforehand. “Yoga will give you tools for life and nurture your body, mind and spirit,” she adds.

Location: 343 Sue Kelly Ave., New Windsor near Stewart Airport. Contact Kathleen S. McPhillips at 914-213-4547 or by visiting For more information on CrossFit New Windsor visit

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