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Yoga, Dance, Art and Music at Ananda Ashram

Ananda Ashram in Monroe is offering a unique opportunity to tap into your creative heart through the exploration of yoga, dance, art and music. The International Schools of East-West Unity, a non-profit educational organization located at the ashram, is pleased to welcome many incredible teachers throughout the month.

On Monday, October 8th, experience a three-day workshop hosted by the East-West School of Dance. World-famous teacher, choreographer and performer Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj will be assisted by Saswati Seen, with live tabla, sitar and vocal music. On Friday, October 12th the East- West School of Hatha Yoga will host a two-day yoga, yantra and meditation retreat with Sarah Tomlinson and Robert Fitzpatrick. The theme of the workshop is The Art of Yantra: Drawing on the Divine. Yantras are sacred geometric designs that have been used in the Indian tradition for thousands of years to heal and foster spiritual growth. Participants will create one of five auspicious yantra designs. Daily yoga and meditation sessions will help increase the resonance of the chosen yantra.

Lastly, the East-West School of Music is offering an extraordinary four day music, learning and discovery workshop starting Saturday, October 27th. Acharya Roop Verma will share a concise system of musical training in which students will learn principles and techniques of Indian classical music, experiencing basic sounds and rhythms and exploring the evolution of notes, scales, ragas, compositions and improvisation.

Location: Ananda Ashram, 13 Sapphire Rd., Monroe. For more information call 782-5572 or visit See ad, page 29.

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