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Women’s Writing Project Seeks Stories

Writing Our Path: Stories of Truth and Empowerment is a women’s writing project that helps women of all backgrounds to write and share their stories of strength, survival and hope. “Our mission is to empower women through writing their stories and to bring healing and courage to others through reading these stories,” says Rebecca Watkins, founder of Writing Our Path. “Do you have a story you’d like to tell? We invite writers and non-writes alike to join us.”

Those who haven’t written a story before will be paired with a writing mentor who will help them craft a 1 to 2 page narrative. “When it is complete, participants have the option of sharing their finished story on our blog in order to reach a larger community of women,” says Watkins. “We are also seeking volunteer writers, editors, and writing mentors.”

Rebecca Watkins holds an MFA in Poetry and has a background in teaching writing and poetry, as well as social service. She began the project because she believes in the healing power of writing and sharing. “I have seen first-hand what one story can do,” she explains. “When we share our pain and courage with another that, in turn, gives them the courage to do the same. The healing that takes place causes a ripple effect, spreading outward to others and giving hope.”

For more information, email, call 653-1163 or visit

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