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Women’s Enrichment Expo in Sparkill

The Women’s Enrichment Expo: A Step Beyond Wellness is being held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 6 at Union Arts Center in Sparkill. This oneof- a-kind event for women is presented by BE An Enrichment Center for Women located in Nyack.

Attendees will get a chance to engage in activities like creative writing, flower arranging and yoga. Delicious and healthy food and beverage samples from local chefs also will be available. “You can stop by to listen to one of the panel discussions presented by MDs and other women’s health experts,” says Be Enriched founder, Andria Merlo Cometa. “And, consider topping your day off by enjoying a minimassage.”

This unique event is designed to encourage women to gather together to focus solely on themselves, their well-being and fulfillment. “It’s a day to discover new interests or rediscover interests that have taken a back seat to all the other things life requires of you,” says Cometa. “Enrichment is ‘the act of making something more desirable by adding qualities that enhance’. Join us for this incredible day of true enrichment.”

Cost: $20 entry fee. Location: 2 Union Ave., Sparkill. For more information, visit or facebook. com/UnionArtsCenter or call 359-0258. Andria Cometa can be contacted at 535-3600 or

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