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With ASEA You Can Heal

“Do you know someone who is suffering with their wellness or someone who wants better athletic performance?” asks Maryann McQuillan, a New York State licensed acupuncturist and ASEA Independent Associate and owner of Goshen Acupuncture. “ASEA can help. With over 30 patents, ASEA literally makes the cells communicate with each other. This is a process

called apoptosis. It also boosts the immune system by 500-600% by increasing glutathione and SOD- our 2 strongest anti-oxidants.”

She also explains that those with auto-immune conditions do not need to worry as ASEA is 100% non-toxic and does not create an inflammatory response. She shares that ASEA was created by molecular medical physicist Gary Samuelson and is made from salt water which goes through a three day electro-chemical process to become redox signaling molecules (RSM) which our bodies stop making in excess after the age of twelve. “This is when the aging process begins to kick in and without RSM people age rapidly and cannot always fight off disease and dysfunction. ASEA is the fountain of youth,” she concludes

To learn more about ASEA, individuals are invited to attend free weekly master mind events for ASEA every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in her Goshen office. In addition to ASEA, Goshen Acupuncture also offers acupuncture, detox ionic footbath, Oriental Medicine, herbal consultations, massage, a healthy weight loss program and much more.

Locations: 261 Greenwich Ave. in Goshen and Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstraw. To schedule an appointment, contact 222-9781 or 294-0584. For more information, go to or

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