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Why Children Need the Arts Now by Jamie Taylor

One study in particular, conducted by the Arts Education Partnership (aeparts. org), linked greater student academic achievement through participation in the arts. It concluded that there are no less than 84 effects between instruction in the arts and academic and social development. This study, a compilation of 62 studies over three years, resulted in a report entitled Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development.

Education World stated in its article about the report, “Areas that instruction in the arts affects most are basic reading skills, language development and writing skills, according to [researcher James] Catterall…In addition, a variety of social skills accompanies learning in the arts and engagement in arts activities, including positive social behaviors, social compliance, the ability to express emotions, courtesy, tolerance, conflict-resolution skills, and the ability to collaborate and attention to moral development….The study also suggests that economically disadvantaged students, those needing remedial instruction and young children experience the most gains in learning from arts education.” (Source: Education World, Copyright 1996 – 2003)

Everyone can gain confidence and self-satisfaction from participation in the arts. This is especially true for children as they discover that by creating images they can explore, communicate and express their feelings. Children are natural born artists. This artistic intuition can be nurtured into a life-long love of the arts and learning.

Jamie Taylor is the owner of Artology, a new studio, gallery and shop that offers classes for both children and adults. It is located at 318 Blooming Grove Tpke., New Windsor. As a parent, art educator and artist, she has witnessed first-hand the vital role that the arts play in a child’s development. For more information, contact 391-8686 or go to

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