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What is Plant Spirit Healing? by Karine Gordineer

All things in this world are composed of energy and radiate out energy. Some of this energy is good for our bodies and our spirits and other energies, not so much. For instance, things can have positive energy and be a great plus to our energy systems and therefore our physical bodies; positive people, time spent in nature, and healing plants are some examples. If you’ve ever met someone and felt they had a “good vibe” then you’ve experienced this energy firsthand.

Plant Spirit Healing works on the premise that long before disease manifests in the physical it first manifests in our energy bodies. All beings are composed of different levels of energy that vibrate at different rates or intensities. This energy system is made up of several layers called an aura that surrounds the physical body as well as chakras; vortexes of energy that allow us to relate to and interact with the material world and other people. These multiple layers of the aura and chakras can become blocked and hold discord that can cause a myriad of issues; unfulfilling relationships, unsatisfying work, emotional blocks and even physical issues. The human energetic system can become blocked for many reasons such as traumatic experiences that are not fully processed, repeated thought patterns, stress patterns, habits, and energies we pick up from other people or places.

The Spirit in All Things

Many different cultures around the world believe that all things have an internal spiritual element as a part of their essential nature. Traditional healing from many cultures includes the spiritual or energetic part of the human being in the healing process. Traditional healers of all cultures have long known of, talked of and to the spirits of plants. These spirits have been included in the healing ceremonies of many of the South American indigenous people such as the Q’ero, the North American Indian First People, as well as the aboriginal Australians and certainly in many other cultures around the world.

All traditional healing recognizes that each plant, in addition to having its own physical healing properties, also has its own unique energetic signature or vibration that can bring about balance and resolve issues. Plant Spirit Healing seeks to realign the human energy field into a harmonious state releasing discordant energies as a part of that process. Working with the plant spirits the practitioner utilizes shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval, chakra balancing, soul alignment, extractions and clearing of the ancestral lineage, to name a few.

What It Can Do for You

The release of discordant energy through the use of the energies of plant spirits can bring subconscious issues into the conscious mind for resolution and result in needed balance and a sense of peace and harmony. Sometimes long-standing issues are suddenly resolved and deep insights usually are gained in understanding why a certain condition has presented itself. Clients must participate in their own healing with the practitioner for the healing to be truly effective and for the new energy pattern to stay intact.

What to Expect

In a Plant Spirit Healing session the client will lay fully clothed on a treatment table, while the practitioner calls in the spirits of the plants to perform the needed energetic shifts. During the session, the practitioner may move about the patient, at times laying hands over certain areas of the body. At other times a drum or other percussion instrument may be utilized.

In a session, some clients report seeing colors, visions or experience a profound sense of peace. Others may not feel much going on at all. Still others may have immediate insights. The effects of a Plant Spirit Healing session often will be felt for a few weeks to several months.

Healing is a journey and takes time and dedication to the path. A good healer should function as a coach and a guide to assist you on your healing journey with the energetic help from the plant spirits.

Karine Gordineer is a certified Plant Spirit Healing practitioner, Native American herbalist, shamanic practitioner and certified Reiki master and educator offering individual healing sessions and classes at the Healing Arts Studio located at 75 Broadway in Newburgh. For more information, visit or or call 592-4609 or 489-2671.

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