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What is Naturopathy? by Jaynet C. Levitsky

Naturopathy is natural medicine, and operates under the ancient belief that the body has the power to heal itself using resources provided by nature which include whole foods and herbs, fresh air, water and sunlight in combination with a widerange of natural healing modalities.

Naturopaths seek to restore a person’s immune system (life force) to its natural state of balance or equilibrium. They look for the underlying or root cause of disease which often manifests itself as a result of unhealthy practices and lifestyle. Instead of treating symptoms alone, naturopaths will seek to stimulate healing by combining noninvasive therapies, diet and lifestyle changes to strengthen an individual’s body, mind and spirit. The value of sufficient rest, exercise and healthful food cannot be understated.

A natural health practitioner is interested in whole-body health, and will look to cleanse and restore their patient’s body naturally to proper balance physically, mentally and emotionally. These efforts will improve circulation, digestion and elimination of waste, and restore one’s energy.

In addition, naturopathic patients can expect personalized care that examines a wide range of factors, including emotional, mental and environmental issues, as well as physical symptoms and lifestyle choices. As a naturopathic patient, you will learn techniques and skills that will build confidence in your ability to care for yourself and you will have access to products that will naturally restore your body to the best possible state of wellness it can achieve. When you move through your newfound sense of empowerment, you will find yourself feeling better and better with each passing day.

Along with the employment of fresh air, clean water and sunlight, you will be encouraged to exercise, get proper rest and reduce stress. You will be educated in the benefits of fresh whole foods—preferably organic— along with ways to naturally nourish the body with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed to function optimally. When necessary, high-quality homeopathic remedies are offered. The use of synthetic supplements of any kind are strictly avoided, as is the use of commercial drugs, surgery, steroid injections and the like. Any advice, instruction and education you receive are in complete accordance with the principles of nature and are offered under the auspices of whole-body health.

Healing the mind, body and spirit and achieving total wellness is not always comfortable. Still, anything worth doing well requires effort. Many of us are conflicted when it comes to the value we place on ourselves. Sometimes an adjustment in our thinking is at hand. Life is full of challenges we must process and overcome, and we are called to push through these stages with grace and intuition and to view ourselves with honesty and compassion. Valuing ourselves enough to make serious lifestyle changes is not an easy or comfortable task, but it is one worth exploring as we forge towards our greater selves.

Jaynet C. Levitsky holds a Master of Science degree in natural health and is a board certified naturopath. She can be reached at 864-243-6962 and has an office at Vastu Health and Yoga Center at 17 Main St, Warwick. For more information, visit

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