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What are the Benefits of Yoga for Children? by Doreen Foxwell

Parents often wonder what the benefits of yoga are for their children. There have been several recent studies that have demonstrated the positive relationship between meditation and yoga with higher grades and performance in school. There are countless other benefits for children as well.

Yoga and the Body

Yoga can improve a child’s endurance in sports and activities by increasing their lung capacity from yoga breathing (pranayama) and chest opening poses. Special breathing techniques also can help quiet their minds. This improves concentration and focus so that children can function better in stressful or noisy situations.

Yoga can increase blood flow throughout the circulatory system so that it can move efficiently bringing oxygen to the muscles being used. Also, the muscular system can become more flexible and strengthened by practicing yoga poses/postures (asana). The skeletal system, including the spine, will stay strong and healthy as the child’s body changes and grows. Additionally, the immune system will be enhanced allowing the body to defend against cold and flu season.

Toddlers through Teens

If you have ever wondered if a toddler can sit through a yoga class, the answer is “yes”. When toddlers are taught yoga in an age appropriate manner, they can then bring what they learn into their school years, giving them an advantage or head start on being able to self -discipline or self-regulate their actions and/or behaviors.

School aged children and teens can benefit from yoga by allowing them to accept the changes in their body in a healthy, non-competitive environment. Yoga is a wonderful tool or life skill that children can utilize throughout their life as they become successful adults.

Doreen Foxwell is the founder of The Children’s School of Yoga with locations and franchise opportunities throughout the Hudson Valley and several states nationwide. For more information, visit or contact 782-YOGA.

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