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Welcoming New Practitioner

Sally Rudnick is a licensed clinical social worker who is new to the Hudson Valley area. She is a recent transplant from Brooklyn and is delighted to introduce herself to this vibrant and exciting region.

Rudnick has been in practice for 12 years and offers an innovative approach to helping people better understand their problems and struggles in order to move them towards positive growth and change. “I know the courage it takes to seek help,” says Rudnick. “So I’ve created an environment that is both safe and nurturing as well as non-judgmental and respectful.”

Rudnick treats adults facing a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, loss, relationship problems and work issues. She specializes in treating people struggling with food issues and promotes a mindful eating model. “Mindful eating helps people break out of the diet cycle and gets them back in touch with their own physical hunger and needs,” she says.

Through food journaling, recognizing the body’s hunger signals, and learning compassion for oneself, Rudnick helps people recognize and understand their relationship with food. “Food often is used as a way to cope with difficult emotions,” she says. “I encourage people to become aware of how they are using food and help them change for the better.”

Call today to schedule an appointment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Sally Rudnick, LCSW, at 917-656-9439. Her office is located at 28 Railroad Ave., Warwick.

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