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We are All Creative by Debbie Luna

Creativity is a word I hear often in my studio—usually in the context of people saying they do not have any. It is striking to me how many people judge themselves as to not having any creativity. How do they know? My belief is that everyone can be creative in some way; they just need to ‘tap’ into themselves.

Creating is a process. First, there is the idea of what to create. Then, how to execute that thought. That first thought is the creative process. Everything else after that thought is a matter of deciding how to execute it. More creative images occur as individuals execute their ideas, developing the piece to its full potential.

Developing your idea is where you can have a lot of fun. For example, maybe you want to add horse hair or shells or leaves to a mask to make a statement. So many things can be done to a piece of art work to make it your own.

When seeking your creative side, there are so many different media from which to choose. It may take a little time to figure out what makes you feel good and enjoy. Is it clay, stone, painting, drawing, plaster, cement, fiber? The list goes on. Surround yourself with positive energy, be open and unlock your inner artist. It will be a fulfilling experience.

Luna Light Studio, located in Chestnut Ridge and owned by Debbie Luna, is a versatile place which offers pottery, clay sculpting, stone sculpting, painting, drawing, knitting, weaving and more for people of all ages to explore the artist within. For more information, contact 893-8932 or visit

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