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Virtual Gathering Space for Holistic Practitioners

Connect with other holistic practitioners in the Hudson Valley area with a new virtual space hosted by Mightybell. Gather to share ideas, advice and knowledge to help one another grow. Founder Meg Hagar explains, “this virtual space is like a combination of Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn, where we can share thoughts, start discussions and post photos or links to useful information. Together, we can create networking events or even just create online relationships with like-minded practitioners. This is not a space to advertise business, but more a space to support each other and grow.”

Hagar continues, “A fundamental idea of holistic practice is the idea of the ‘whole’. I'd like to bring this idea to this group where we can synergistically work together to promote growth, development and success in the holistic field. Join me in this movement to create an online holistic community. It is a great and free way to meet others and learn.”

Meg Hagar is a nutritional skincare specialist and owner of the all-natural skincare brand, Skintritious. Skintritious is the only 100% natural skin care brand to combine nutritional counseling with effective, handmade products and services featuring products made that morning. Hagar describes, "I combine nutritional counseling with an all-around, effective skin care regimen to educate my clients on how to feed your skin right, from the inside & out." She has locations in Monroe and Manhattan.

To join, go to For more information, contact 347-670-4301or or visit

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