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Uplifting All… for the Good of All by Peter “Coach Pete” Heymann

The theme of this month’s issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine, “Uplifting Humanity”, is ideal, as we look to the end of 2017 and forward to a new year of possibility in 2018.

Uplifting Humanity in its broadest, boldest sense means uplifting all people. When some of us suffer from oppression (racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, etc…), all of us suffer. Let’s look at the example of racism. It has been ingrained in our United States society from the very beginning of our nation. However, after hundreds of years of enslavement, followed by Jim Crow discrimination, African Americans and Black Americans have made such a positive impact on American society. Think of the science breakthroughs, the music, the culture, the inventions and more. The positive impact of African Americans on our world is incredible. It speaks to the strength, power and positivity of the human spirit.

Imagine if we addressed the deepseeded oppressions of so many groups that exist in our society today. Imagine the positivity that would be unleashed, for the good of all. If we as a society work together, just think of the breakthroughs in science, culture, business, technology, etc… which awaits us all and will uplift all humanity.

At this time of year, looking back on a year ending and looking forward to a new year of opportunity and potential…let’s all look within and organize to see what we can do to uplift all for the good of all.

Peter Heymann, of break / through career and life coaching, offers career and life coaching sessions by phone, or in-person at offices in Rosendale or Poughkeepsie. His mission is to provide guidance to people seeking positive change so they can live the life they love. He offers one free coaching consultation. Contact him at 802-0544 or 845-642-1839 or to schedule your free phone consultation or visit

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