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Training Baby Boomers by Nunzio Signore

People often say, “I just don’t have the time to exercise” or “I don’t want to spend the money.” But when we look at those two excuses for not exercising, one has to wonder what fits into a person’s budget and schedule better—exercising one hour each day or lacking energy and not feeling your best 24 hours per day.

The fact is, we are all going to spend the money and time at some point—either in a gym or in a nursing home. There are two major reasons individuals end up in a nursing home:

• They can no longer bend at the waist and rotate at the same time (which makes taking care of oneself impossible) or

• They fall and injure or break their hip.

While exercise is not a cure-all, it does help to improve and maintain our mobility and overall health over time. Thankfully, along with exercise, there are plenty of factors within our control that can help us maintain a good quality of life. Here are some suggestions for looking and feeling better:

Ditch the Low Fat Diets – They rarely work. If you’re changing your diet and not losing weight, you’re not changing your diet.

Eat Lean and Green – The majority of your diet should consist of lean proteins and greens.

Portion Control – Rather than eating three large meals per day, eat four or five smaller meals. Make sure the majority of food on each plate is vegetables.

Exercise on One Leg – Try doing something on one leg. How easy is it? This is where most people slip and fall (enter injured or broken hip). We really can only walk and run with one leg at a time. By consciously exercising one leg at a time, we build up and maintain better muscle strength. Lift Weights – It’s the number one way to get, and stay, in shape. Not only does it raise your metabolism (your body’s ability to burn calories), but strong musculature helps support your entire body frame. Strength training also helps to develop better posture, which in turn makes you taller and appear thinner. Strength training using functional movements helps you to move in all planes, not just forward, which is vital because as we all know, you don’t just walk in a straight line all day. Begin the process of taking control of the rest of your life. Nunzio Signore is the owner of Rockland Peak Performance located at 174 Rt. 17 in Sloatsburg. For more information, visit or call 712-5415.

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