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Together…Breathe: New Yoga Studio Opens in Gardiner

Liz Glover Wilson, yoga instructor and artist, is excited to announce that her yoga studio and holistic studio, Stone Wave Yoga in Gardiner, opens this month. A recent immersion yoga teacher training course helped her realize her goals with her new business.

“It wasn't just the yoga—though that made the biggest impact—but it was the community with the other women in the room. Over the six months, we all grew to form a strong bond that came through a shared sacrifice to be there; a decision to stay and our commitment to breathe together. There is a vulnerable yet powerful position we take when we come to the yoga studio, empowering ourselves to truly learn the strength and steadiness of breathe. It is life changing.” Glover Wilson decided that wanted to be able to give others the opportunity to tap into the benefits of this community. “We will offer classes and workshops for all; making yoga accessible for everyone,” she explains.

Glover Wilson is a passionate artist, yoga instructor and professional event organizer. She started the Sunflower Art Festival in Gardiner last August. Her focus is to bring visibility to the arts in the region and generate opportunities to support a broad scope of creative activity. Sunflower Art Studio is a non-profit community creative space. Stone Wave Yoga will offer by-donation "Sunflower Yoga" classes allowing participants to pay what they can.

Location: 2694 Rte. 44/55, Gardiner. For more information, call 419-5219/5249 or visit

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