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Tick Alert in the Hudson Valley

According to Wickes/arborists™ owner John Wickes, Lyme disease is a debilitating bacterial infection that may cause joint, heart and nervous system complications. “Deer ticks are small, but the problems they cause are anything but trivial,” says Wickes. “As part of our commitment to the community and continuing education, Wickes/arborists is a charter member of the Rockland County Vector Borne Diseases Advisory Committee. By getting involved, we help inform the public of the risks associated with deer ticks in the Hudson Valley.”

Wickes/arborists offers a variety of tick abatement options. “What we do to help control deer ticks is called Wickes Ticks Fix,” says Wickes. “Our low impact solution to reducing tick populations helps your family enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors without the fear of Lyme disease.”

Their trained experts help homeowners protect their families by treating property borders multiple times per year with low impact applications to reduce the spread of ticks, protect the landscape by installing mulch, attend to lawns and maintain shrubs and protect wildlife by reducing tick habitation by cutting back vegetation.

Wickes/arborists offers many services including; Arbor- Watch™, targeted treatment service, general tree care, pest control, acoustic tomography and emergency services.

Location: 11 McNamara Rd., Spring Valley. Schedule an appointment today or learn more by calling 354-3400. For more information, visit

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