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The Power of Manifestation by Kathleen McPhillips

Many adults have forgotten how to dream and no longer know what is fulfilling. We go through life doing what we have to do. We get up, go to work, come home, eat, and sleep. Then we get to do it all over again, day after day. In this process of going through the motions of life we lose that part of ourselves that knows who we are, what we love, and how to live more fully.

Manifestation is powerful. We are always manifesting what we think and what we say. Most of us go through life completely unaware of the fact that we are constantly manifesting and often we manifest exactly what we don’t want. We think about losing weight and yet how often, when we want to lose the weight do we actually put more on? Weight, weight, weight…we name it, we call it, and we gain it.

Most of us have something that we fear. When we spend time and energy thinking about the things we fear, it actually brings them into our life. It’s the law of attraction in action.

Be Clear About What You Want

When we apply the law of attraction to our life it is important to be alignment with our spirit. This means we are in alignment with our purpose and our role in this lifetime. It also means we are responsible for what we “put out there” and are sincere in our efforts to create a life of abundance and one that best serves the world around us. To do this requires daily affirmations, patience, faith and trust.

Our lives are meant to be abundant. Manifesting abundance is not just about our bank account. Abundance for some may be a full experience of the moments of life. Abundance is bursting with wonder, fascination and exuberance. Abundance is the richness of relationships, the fullness of love, friendship, companionship, affection. It is all encompassing, including our sorrow, fears and tears.

So how can we manifest better relationships with ourselves and others? How can we create more income? Travel more? Serve others in some way? Be the best person we possibly can be? By knowing that we have the power to manifest our dreams.

Here are few simple guidelines:

• Think carefully about what you would like to bring into your life. How do you feel when you think of these things? Happy, wonderful, alive, inspired, energized?

• Make your list and/or create a vision board. Cut and paste everything from travel to your dream home, etc… on poster board, and then place it where you can see it every day.

• Read your list aloud or look at the vision board as often as possible. Put post-its with positive affirmations where you will see them. It helps us to reprogram and expand our mind. Remember that you are as entitled to the fulfillment of your dreams as anyone.

• Take time each day to close your eyes and feel the emotions of joy, peace, excitement and happiness that you experience when your dreams become reality. This moves the energy from affirmation to manifestation. Keep your affirmations in the present by affirming that they are happening now. (Not when they happen…they are happening).

• Keep doing the above every day and there will come a time when you put the list or vision board aside. When this happens it usually means your dreams have taken residence in you. Once they live in you, then let it be.

The most important part is that we must never give up on our dreams. Have patience. The best things in life come at the right time. When the Universe aligns it always is perfect. We want to manage it all and make it happen…let that go. We can trust that all we need to manifest our most wonderful life and experience is within us. Perhaps we can live our lives doing what we love and loving what we do and have faith that the Universe will manifest our heart’s desire. That’s the power of manifestation.

Kathleen McPhillips teaches public and private yoga classes throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and is a certified Reiki Master, spiritual advisor and retreat facilitator. She is the author of Adirondack Retreat: My Midlife Journey. For more information, contact or 914-213- 4547 or visit

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