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The Creative Journey by Melissa McHugh

What does it mean as a mom to be blissfully imperfect? Yes, imperfect. How does it feel to get rid of guilt, grudges, ‘shoulds’ and other energy sapping thoughts and allow yourself to find balance? By allowing ourselves as moms to breathe and celebrate our imperfection, we in turn create a playing field for our children that is fair, creative and non-judgmental.

Creativity is natural, especially for children, yet plans and instructions can sometimes hinder the process. The creation of safe and loving environments in which children learn through open ended play, explore their natural outdoor environment, learn problem solving skills and have opportunities for creative thinking encourage the young mind and heart. As parents, we need to facilitate that. It is not always easy to step back and not plan or program but when you feel the impulse to do so, just stop and breathe.

We all encounter times when we overschedule or have to run our children from one event to the next and forget to linger and appreciate the little voices sharing ideas or giggling in the backseat. It is inevitable that these days will happen but try to balance them with days of 'nothing' with your children and enjoy the wonder and beauty that emerges.

Here are some ideas for family creative play:

  • Provide recyclable materials and put them in a basket with some wood blocks. Allow building and creating to take place. Provide paper and crayons near building materials for children to draw their creations as well.
  • Put out large butcher block paper and paint and allow the masterpiece to happen. Provide tools such as old shoes, bubble wands and other objects from around the house. Perhaps everyone can search for the objects to use together.
  • Set up a table or large basin with water near a sunny window or in the backyard and put in old music CDs or clear objects. Let your children explore the prism effects the light provides.

Remember as parents to play, play, play and enjoy the journey.

Melissa McHugh is the creator of Arts and Souls and is a Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Life Coach and Certified Muse Group Facilitator. She also has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance. McHugh offers one on one creativity coaching, Muse Groups for Moms and creativity based workshops and classes for both children and adults. Contact 662-6661 or or go to for more information.

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