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The Creative Art of Sewing by Vivian Burns

Sewing and garment construction used to be part of the standard school curriculum but, for a variety if reasons, most schools have eliminated it completely. However, there still are many benefits that come from mastering this skill.

Sewing is a discipline that helps develop self esteem, confidence, focus, patience, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, interpersonal skills, problem solving, process thinking and visualization. Additionally, sewing encourages creative ability. Waldorf and Montessori schools still recognize the importance of stitching and begin teaching knitting and stitching in pre-K classes. The simple function of sewing can help students to develop their mathematical ability and foster a greater sense of self as co-creators of the world in which we live.

Whether a hobby or a potential career endeavor, sewing will allow you to tap into your creative mind and learn how to process information into new realities. Learning to sew, mend, alter and re-design garments is a great way to extend the life of your clothes—sometimes by simply replacing a button or other times by giving a piece of clothing a whole new look with some simple changes. Additionally, the discipline of sewing can provide job opportunities as well as lifelong vocational skills. Fashion, with its various disciplines, is the second largest industry in the world.

Sewing allows students to develop the ability to create just about anything they can imagine. Once students learn different sewing techniques, they can understand the process of garment construction and craft amazing creations. When looking for a place to learn, find a place that offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace. And remember: part of the learning process is to try, maybe make a mistake, and then correct the mistake. Sewing is a great opportunity to be creative with practical results.

So You…Sewing and Design studio has been teaching youth and adults the art of sewing in a fun and relaxed environment since 2007. They offer flexible schedules, on site and private classes and camps. So You can be reached by calling 659- 6722 or emailing Visit them at

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