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The Breath of Inspiration by Alan Levin

Breathe in – Breathe out

Breathe – Be Breathed

Breathe in – Be inspired

Breathe out – Be inspiring

Breathe in – Let life in

Breathe out – Let life out

Breathe in Humility

Breathe out Strength

Breathe in Living

Breathe out Dying

Breathe in Receiving

Breathe out Giving

Breathe in Accepting

Breathe out Confronting

Breathe in Being born

Breathe out Giving birth

Breathe in Embracing the Daemon

Breathe out Facing the Demon

Breathe in the World of Nature

Breathe out your Essential Nature

Breathe in Wholeness

Breathe out Wholeness

Breathe In – Breathe Out

Alan Levin is a psychotherapist in Nyack. He considers your breath, your body and your place in the human family and world as well as your thoughts and feelings in the therapeutic work. For more information, visit

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