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The Benefits of Indoor Rowing by Teresa Thomas

If you are looking for a fun and effective workout during the cold indoor months, indoor water rowers provide a wide range of health benefits. Many gyms provide indoor rowers that are underutilized. This one exercise is great for your whole body and reaches a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. With a supportive program that addresses proper use you can maximize this form of exercise to its full potential.

There are few exercises that provide both cardio and full body strengthening. The indoor rower is one of them. When rowing properly, up to 84% of your muscles are being recruited. This full body strength includes legs, core and arms and upper back. This program is beneficial to a wide variety of people, including people with hip replacements to the well-seasoned athlete. The exercise itself is low-impact, meaning it is not harsh on your joints like the pounding of running can be.

Small group classes that utilize rowing programs such as Indo-Row® can provide more individualized and tailored attention to each client’s needs and goals. Indo-Row, created by Josh Crosby, a World Rowing Champion and professional endurance athlete, and Jay Blahnik, renowned fitness program developer and award-winning instructor, is designed for beginners and creates a team environment. Participants are taught proper form and row together in unison as if they were a crew on the lake. This is a class that is both challenging and fun. Such group classes also builds a community where everyone supports one another as they improve together during the program.

The guidelines for fitness from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion ( are to stay active with both aerobic and muscle strengthening activities. Rowing accomplishes both of these goals all at once. Rowing provides a low impact way to work your entire body.

Teresa Thomas is the owner of Pedal Power Fitness Studios in Warwick and Greenwood Lake. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, certified Indo-Row instructor, SPIN instructor, Paddlefit Core instructor, a mother of two and accomplished triathlete. Her passion is to help others find their path to health and happiness. Since she began offering the rowing program over a year ago, multiple clients have lowered their cholesterol and blood pressure or been able to reduce or eliminate medications for high cholesterol and blood pressure after completing the rowing program. Rowing classes are provided in their Warwick studio at 6 High St. She can be reached at 313-8699 or For class schedule or more information, visit

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