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The Basics of Children’s Wellness by Andrea Lynn Waronker

There is a lot to be said about children's health and wellness. First, let's talk about the basics. Good nutrition and lots of sleep are two key elements to children's health. Family time and socialization with friends and peers also is essential. These basics are preferable to a sedentary life style with electronics, poor diet and few activities that stimulate the mind and the body.

It is summer time and activities such as biking, swimming, running and hiking are important to well-being. Children should engage in all these things to help maintain their health. Intellectual stimulation such as reading can help provide healthy development and now is the perfect time to grab a book and indulge.

Good food abounds in the summer season. Fresh vegetables help maintain a good diet. Children can take an active role in their healthy diet by going to farmer's markets and grocery stores with adults. Activities such as gardening and berry picking are fun ways to encourage health and wellness for children.

Summer time is all about sports and physical activity is essential to wellness. Walking and hiking is an inexpensive and fun activity for children. It is easy and does not require depth of skill. As children’s skills develop, they can try more challenging hikes. While walking point out all there is to admire in nature. Walking and hiking can be great opportunities to engage in conversations with children without the distraction of technology.

Team sports are good for strengthening the body and the soul. There is nothing more satisfying than playing ball with some friends and family. Children can participate in impromptu pick-up games or organized sports.

Some other enjoyable activities are going to outdoor concerts, painting, drawing and yoga. These type of activities provide a child with a healthy mind and body.

Maintaining good diet, participating in physical activity, enjoying intellectual stimuli and engaging in family time are key to a child's positive development and summertime offers wonderful opportunities to encourage that development.

Andrea Lynn Waronker, a licensed master social worker, works with individuals, couples and families and has an office at 48 Burd Street in Nyack. She can be reached at 914-572-6201, or online at

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