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The Autumn Phase of Transformation by Neil R. Borodkin

The autumn phase of energy transformation in nature and in the individual is about descension. It actually begins as we pivot from the heights of expansion reached at the summer solstice and from our contact with the world around us.

It is the harvest phase of experience where we reflect on what we have acquired and what we value most and decide what we wish to consolidate into ourselves and what we choose to discard. In Taoist thought, an aspect of Chinese medicine, this also is referred to as the metal phase. It is the ‘letting come and the letting go’ and sometimes the ‘holding on’.

Issues of the metal aspect are sometimes reflected in its associated organ systems—the lung, large intestine and skin, possibly manifesting as dermatological disorders or emotional stuck-ness concerning grief and loss.

For some individuals this can be a critical and difficult phase in their experience that can be addressed through acupuncture.

Neil R. Borodkin is a New York state licensed acupuncturist and manual therapist. His practice is located at 50 6th Avenue in Nyack. For more information, contact him at 353-0289 or 914-282-1970.

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