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Spur Your Creative Thinking with So You Design Cards

The arts is something we always have taken for granted. Painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, sculpting and woodworking were fun to do but not really necessary for a ‘successful’ life. With a prioritization of STEM we have begun to look at how principals of the arts are a foundation of STEM, and now STEAM learning.

According to the National Center for Quality Afterschool, “the arts develop the mind by giving it opportunities to learn to think in special ways. [They] play an important social function in the expression of culture, past or present, have the potential to build self-confidence in ways that may increase students’ interest in other academic areas [and] the skills learned through the arts are transferable to other areas of life… The most effective arts programs are age-appropriate and engage students' interests, make time and space available for sustained, real-world, hands-on work..”

So You… Sewing And Design is a leader of sewing in after school enrichment programs. They have been working with youth and adults since 2005. So You… recently developed a creative tool: the So You Design Cards to help spur creative thinking with real outcomes. The design decks are fun and easy to use—just pick one of the 54 cards at random and use the inspiration on the card to design. “The challenge comes from how to see the object/inspiration,” shares So You… founder Vivian Burns. Order it today and get inspired.

So You… offers sewing classes for adults and children throughout the area..

For more information or to order cards, email or visit

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