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Spring Cleanse Program

Join Ayurvedic wellness coach, yoga Instructor, and Vedic astrologer, Liz Whalen for a 21-day Spring Cleanse that draws upon the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to help you achieve your goals.

“Would you like to shed unwanted winter pounds, boost immunity, and avoid spring allergies this year?” asks Whalen. “Or simply fine-tune your already healthy lifestyle for maximum energy and well-being?”

Ayurveda places much emphasis on seasonal detoxification, as it helps keeps our immune systems strong and prevents us from common discomforts such as allergies and colds. It also can help us shed unwanted weight that may have accumulated due to toxic build-up in the body.

As part of the program, Whalen will help each participant determine their unique mind-body constitution. “You will learn to make choices that will keep you feeling your best,” she explains. “After an initial consultation, I will construct an individualized plan to allow you to gently draw out toxins that have accumulated in the body, and provide ongoing support in various forms throughout the duration of the program.” There will be ample opportunity to ask questions, access to classes such as yoga and guided relaxation, as well as recipes and handouts. Herbal formulas to aid in the detoxification process also will be included.

Liz Whalen has a private practice in Piermont, and teaches yoga and meditation throughout Rockland County. To learn more, visit or call 201-344-4580.

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