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So You… Summer Sewing and Fashion Design Camps

Learn something new, meet new friends and have a great time at So You… summer sewing camps. Boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13 are welcome and camps are offered throughout the area. Sewing fulfills soft STEM/STEAM requirements. Sewing is a great creative outlet and a valuable life skill. Sewing also aids in the development of eye-hand coordination, process thinking, problem solving, patience and focus. And most important, it is fun.

The Design Diva Camp has been developed with the young fashion designer in mind. Fashion design requires an understanding of color, fabric, themes, pattern- making and of course sewing. Participants will learn foundational principals of design and color theory, begin their fabric library, create mood boards and learn illustration techniques. All participants will create a unique garment. No previous sewing experience required.

Children participating in the Fashion Sewing Camp for machine sewing will learn how to work with commercial sewing patterns and make 3 projects. They will learn how to use a real sewing machine.

So You… also offers a camp package that can be done anywhere. This camp is designed for the mom or neighborhood leader to engage their kids in a fun-filled learning experience during the summer months. This also is great for homeschool groups. The Backyard Sewing Camp package includes 5 pieces each of their most popular sewing kits: bean bags, the cube, small shoulder bags and 18"doll clothes. Each kit includes hand and machine sewing instructions, sewing needle, pins and thread and precut pieces so children can just begin sewing with no prep time required. Just start sewing and have fun. Instructions for how to teach this program are included and fee scale also is noted. Why not earn income for the summer with your own backyard sewing camp? This kit can be seen at

For more information or to sign up for camp, email or visit

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