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Slow Flower Bouquets for Your Eco-Wedding

Gloria Battista Collins is a slow flower designer and artist who specializes in creating beautiful flower arrangements for eco-weddings and eco-events.

“As a little girl, my most vivid recollection is sitting at my Mom’s kitchen table, drawing pretty, colorful flowers with my crayons,” shares Collins. “Every few minutes, Mom would stop cooking, bend over my shoulder and tell me how pretty my flowers were, encouraging me to keep drawing. Little by little, over many years, the seed she planted with her early encouragement blossomed within me into a full blown passion for all things flowers and a home-grown business based on my love for them.”

Collins now designs natural, whimsical, sustainably grown and locally grown flowers for weddings and farm to table events, corporate meetings and more.

Collins does not use just any kind of flowers however. Her passion is for sustainably grown, locally grown slow flowers, grown either by her in her organic flower garden or by the local flower farmers in the Lower Hudson Valley. She offers her clients in season locally grown flowers for that hand-picked garden look, designed with style and elegance.

“I love collaborating with brides to provide them with in-season flowers that have special significance for them,” she explains.

Location: Montebello. To order flowers or schedule an appointment, contact 917-414-8959 or or visit

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