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Sign-up Reminder for Upcoming Dissolving Delusion and Re-Visioning Your Life Meditation Retreat with Paul Jaffe


Dissolving Delusion and Re-Visioning Your Life Meditation Retreat with Paul Jaffe

June 7-13, 2013 (or just come for June 7-9 weekend)

Woodstock, NY

Take a dive into your inner being and begin living your life from a deeper place. In this retreat we will use an innovative form of an ancient meditation to quickly go into deep states and to learn to really use meditation as a path to freedom. With that foundation, the second part of the retreat will work with sensory meditations and then lead you in a profound process of Re-Visioning your Life. Come prepared for powerful states of peace, insight and new directions in your life. 

"A very empowering and inspirational experience. The life revision process started at the retreat has been definitely continuing. I had many important realizations.” ~ A.E., translator, Russia

"Helpful and powerful. I appreciate this fantastic tool. Many personal insights came from this course. And then there is a big and liberating piece of work that is underway." ~G.G., minister, Canada

“You’ve let in the inspiration from the moment, which made the whole thing alive, breathing. I am having deep and rich experience, lots of good change flowing into my life. What is happening now wouldn't have been possible before. I am living from a much more loving flow." ~M.K, mother/mediation teacher, Russia 

"Excellent—very systematic structure so that we could cover a lot of work in depth in a progressively more challenging way as the retreat unfolded. ~P.B., retired businessman/organic farmer, England

Paul Jaffe has worked deeply in Zen, Tantra and Insight Meditation. He has been teaching in the US, Japan, Russia, Spain and Mexico. He began teaching meditation in 1980.

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