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Shamanic Reiki for Healing and Empowerment

Do you need to heal from mental, physical or spiritual issues? Are you ready to be more empowered in your life? Shamanic Reiki can help. Maryan Hoelzer explains, “shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today. Indigenous shamanism teaches that nature can balance and shift consciousness. By adding shamanic practices to Reiki, it deepens the experience and empowers you. You are engaged in the healing process and you can leave the session with tools for self-healing.”

Hoelzer, who is a yoga teacher, licensed master social worker, Reiki master, certified level II Healing Touch practitioner and a shamanic Reiki master, has her practice in Nyack. She found that her own healing journey opened her up to the healing energy that is within us and all around us. “Practicing Reiki over the years has allowed me to see myself as integrally connected to the universe. Shamanism has made my practice more dynamic and expansive. I believe it is my purpose to hold space for others to heal,” she shares.

“Reiki is usually translated as universal life force energy,” says Hoelzer. “As a practitioner, I am a channel for universal energy to pass through to you to rejuvenate your body’s ability to balance and heal itself from stress, trauma and illness. Reiki can be used as a complementary treatment for any illness or imbalance.” “Contact me today to schedule your appointment.”

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