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Shamanic Reiki by Maryan Hoelzer

Reiki is a healing art originating in Japan. The word Reiki is generally translated as “universal life force energy.” The practitioner is a channel allowing the Reiki energy to pass through so it can be received by the client. Reiki activates and balances life force energy or “qi.”

Reiki is commonly referred to as a form of stress reduction that promotes relaxation and triggers the body’s natural abilities heal itself. It gently balances the mind, body and emotions.

“Overlapping data from research studies support the ability of Reiki to reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation, and improve fatigue and depression. Reiki strengthens overall wellbeing,” states Pamela Miles from the Center for Spirituality and Healing at University of Minnesota. According to the American Hospital Association in 2007, 15% or over 800 hospitals offered Reiki. It can be used as a complementary treatment for any illness or imbalance.

Reiki is an evidence-based practice. It balances the central nervous system creating many beneficial effects. In one study, nurses gave themselves reiki daily and found they were more compassionate, more alert and more grounded. They felt empowered.


Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today. Shamans call upon the essential forces of nature for healing. They use the energy and consciousness of rocks, crystals, feathers, plants and the elements to heal. Shamanism is founded on the belief that all life, not just human life, has consciousness. As with Reiki, spiritually guided life force energy allows the shaman to balance and harmonize energy.

Adding shamanic practices to Reiki deepens the experience and engages the client in the healing process.

Shamanic Reiki

During a Shamanic Reiki session the client sits or lies down fully clothed. The practitioner gently places her hands on or above the client’s body in a sequence of positions while channeling the Reiki energy. The client feels a deep sense of relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

Adding shamanic drumming to a Reiki session induces a light trance state. In this deep state of relaxation the client “journeys” or imagines and allows themselves to day dream. Journeying can balance and shift consciousness; it opens the client up to intrinsic energies that most of us are unaware of. This shamanic approach empowers the client to find their own answers to life problems.

Connecting to nature can be awe inspiring and grounding. It connects us to something larger than ourselves. Through shamanic journeying you can connect to nature or access different parts of yourself to ground yourself and receive guidance. 


When Maryan Hoelzer was younger, she struggled with depression and anxiety. “My recovery has been an interesting journey. In my life there have been many miracles, but they have happened slowly one day at a time.”

A few years ago, Hoelzer not only began to listening to her inner voice, she went a step further and began to honor it. “I gave myself permission to pursue my passions,” she says. “I became a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, certified Healing Touch level II, and finally a Shamanic Reiki Master.”

“I feel I can bring all my skills, life experience and my heart to Shamanic Reiki. I believe it is my purpose to hold space for others to heal.”

Maryan Hoelzer is a Shamanic Reiki Master, yoga teacher, licensed master social worker and certified level II Healing Touch practitioner with a practice in Nyack. Call for a free consultation. She can be reached at 914- 391-0418 or

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