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Seniors and Exercise by Barbara Weinberg

Despite all the anti-aging products available, it’s inevitable that we will get older. However some of the things we lose as we age actually can be prevented, including:

Muscle Mass:

Muscle mass typically starts to decline when we are in our 30s and 40s and the decline becomes more significant as we approach our 60s and 70s. Consistent strength training helps reduce the loss of muscle mass.

Cardio Endurance:

Engaging in aerobic fitness helps to maintain daily mobility.


Finding ways to maintain flexibility helps avoid stiffness and not lose range of motion.


By engaging in balance exercises, seniors are more likely to avoid broken hips and other injuries due to falls.

Even seniors who have not exercised previously can start. Regular exercise, even for short periods of time, will make a positive difference. Exercises should include cardio and flexibility exercises and strength training. Strength training can be especially beneficial for seniors because resistance exercises help maintain strength and muscle mass.

Circuit training can provide both cardiovascular and strength training with equipment and exercises that are appropriate for seniors. Circuit training often employs hydraulic resistance and aerobic recovery boards so that there are no weight stacks to change. You push, then pull rather than lift and lower weights. This helps to maintain bone density and fight osteoporosis. It also reduces the potential for soreness and injury.

Resistance training keeps seniors moving smoothly and safely. The hydraulic resistance is much like aquatic exercise except the fluid movement is more controlled so that specific muscle groups can be targeted. The strengthening of muscles will provide joint stability and is crucial part of arthritis treatment.

Barbara Weinberg is the co-owner of New City Curves where they offer cardiovascular and strength training workouts as well as a variety of classes. It is located at 69 South Main Street, New City. For more information, contact her at 708-0700

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