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Season of Gratitude by Eileen Downes

What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. ~The Buddha

The season of autumn is received with great anticipation and appreciation for the colors it bestows on our environment, the hunger for the fresh harvest it produces and the consciousness of thankfulness. It’s almost as if autumn naturally instills mindfulness and gratitude within our souls.

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude stimulates within us good feelings and our feelings are what create the events of our lives. Quite simply, when we think good thoughts and vibrate positive feelings, we are attracting all things that we consider to be good. These can be people, circumstances or events. The reverse is true as well. When we think negative thoughts and in turn feel badly, we are attracting negative outcomes. Being mindful of our thoughts is the key to keeping them light and bright. As Infinite Possibilities author Michael Dooley teaches, "Thoughts become things. Think the good ones."

The path to wellness starts in the mind. Feeling good in our thoughts leads to feeling good in our body. When we are healthy and mindful of our thoughts and our body feels energetic and vital, we naturally are moved to being in touch with our true selves—our divine selves.

During this beautiful month of November, revel in the colors, bake delicious goodies from the fruits of the earth and remember to be grateful for all of the abundance that surrounds you.

Eileen Downes is the founder and owner of True Essence Fitness and Wellbeing located at 280 Crawford Street in Pine Bush. It is a studio for women situated on a beautiful 84 acre family farm surrounded by the majestic Shawangunk Mountains and their accompanying river. For more information contact 205-2805 or visit TrueEssenceFitness. com.

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