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Scout Troop Yoga and Organic Gardening

Wendy Messano, or Miss Wendy to her students, is a certified kids’ yoga instructor and holistic health coach for children and their families. She believes that living the most natural, simplest kind of life is the key to feeling whole. As she explains, “Habits start young and it feels good knowing that I am passing on these good habits to kids at such an early age. I only hope they will take it with them for the rest of their lives. The benefits of yoga and eating right are endless.

Kids can learn to understand their bodies and feel free to grow into who they really are. With yoga, kids are able to grow strength, confidence and build focus. Yoga relaxes the mind and with stretching and breath work, eases anxiety and lowers stress levels. As I like to remind my students, yoga uses every muscle, from your brain to your toes.”

Messano teaches classes throughout the county and now offers classes geared to scout troops. In the scout troop yoga class, children will learn to stretch, breathe, relax and focus while earning their badge. In the scout troop organic gardeners’ class, they will learn how to make healthy snacks with seasonal foods while also earning their badge.

For more information about regular classes and scout troop classes, contact 201-625-2528 or littleshantiyogastudio@ or visit or

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