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Sacred Painting Workshop with Mavis Gewant

Ananda Ashram in Monroe will be hosting a Sacred Painting Workshop with Mavis Gewant on April 20-21. This workshop will give students an opportunity to delve deeper into their sacred painting practice, as Mavis Gewant guides them in creating yantras, mandalas and deity paintings.

“Sacred Art cultivates inner silence and attunes one with the energy and essence of the divine aspect that is being evoked,” explains Gewant. “Working with specific colors and mantras, this meditative painting practice will connect you to the deeper energies of the Yantras and Deities resulting in greater harmony and peace.”

Gewant was a close student of the late Tantric Artist and Yogi Shri Harish Johari and continues inspiring others through this art form, serving as his personal assistant for over twenty years. He requested her to teach this knowledge and to illustrate his last book, Planetary Meditation Kit, containing yantras and mantras of the planets. A Vedic Astrology student and experienced teacher of many subjects, Gewant is one of the few persons in the United States with over two decades training in this sacred art and a devotion to teaching. Her sadhana consists of painting yantras and deities and helping others through this transformational art.

Location: 13 Sapphire Rd., Monroe. To register and for supply list, call 782-5575 or visit

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