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Restore Your Emotional Health Using Flower Remedies

Summer is here and now that our backyard gardens are blooming, it is time to harness our flower power for our well-being.

Have you ever noticed how busy bees are buzzing around from flower to flower? It can be similar to the chatter in our head, exhausting us with endless mental banter. This emotional disharmony can stem from many roots such as lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy eating habits, immobility and life in general. And just like the buzzing bee, it never seems to stop. This disharmony can manifest itself in a variety of ways like anger, fear, jealousy, guilt or insecurity.

Fortunately, relief is possible. For when does a bee seem to be at perfect peace, humming quietly in the zone if only for a moment? When it is smack in the center of a flower.

And like the bees, no one knew flowers more intimately than Dr. Edward Bach, founder of the 38 flower remedies for self-healing. Bach (pronounced “batch”) felt it was the flower bloom itself that held the strongest frequency—the power to balance the emotional health of an individual. It was his life quest to offer this beautiful healing system as his gift to the world.

Who was Dr. Edward Bach?

Bach began practicing medicine in 1912. As a bacteriologist, he did his own original research into vaccines, isolating seven types of intestinal flora associated with a particular disease and identifying the personality types most commonly associated with each.

As a medical doctor he was curious as to why a particular remedy used to treat specific symptoms would work for some individuals and not others. He became convinced that it was the personality of the patient that made the difference. Throughout his tenure at the hospital, he continued to explore the relationship between the personality of the patient and their response to disease. Eventually he accepted a position at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital where he was introduced to the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. It was here that he proceeded to prepare the seven bowel vaccines he had identified earlier in his career, this time, homeopathically. These homeopathic preparations are still in use today.

As his research and understanding continued to develop, Bach became more and certain that it was the personality of the patient that impacted a cure, indicating that disease was actually “a consolidation of a mental attitude.” He believed that nature held the answers to emotional health, and he set out to uncover them. At first, he was able to identify 19 plants that addressed specific personalities. As is often the case, when curiosity blooms into passion, Bach eventually abandoned his medical practice to devote all his effort to the continued development of this new healing system.

The Flowers

There are 38 flowers that make up this simple self-healing system and not a poisonous plant among them. Bach used the flower heads, as the most highly developed part of the plant, and the sun as a potentate for activating the flowers naturally. Flower heads were placed in spring water and sat until the petals wilted. This concoction was then cooled and brandy was added as a preservative.

Picking the Right Essence

Each flower holds a frequency that addresses a particular emotional state. To prescribe the right essence, practitioners have questionnaires that make treatment easy. Once a patient’s personality bouquet is unearthed, just a few drops several times a day for a few weeks should do the trick.

The flower frequencies work the same way as other frequencies such as electrical frequencies. Take for example, the sparks of an automobile. You can use the finest oil, and give the car premium gasoline, but unless the spark jumps across the plugs at just the right moment the car will not start. It’s practically an immaterial blip—yet without it—nothing. A skilled mechanic could correct this. Flower remedies will do the same for the body.

We live in a bacteria infested world. In truth, our defenses and immunity are strong. When disease does find a way in, an adjustment is order. A remedy behaves like the skilled mechanic. Bach stated that his remedies “cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibration of our higher nature.”

Jaye C. Levitsky holds a Master of Science degree in natural health and is a board certified naturopath. She can be reached at 544-0447 and has an office at Vastu Health at 17 Main St, Warwick. For more information, visit

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