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Resiliency for a Self-Aware Life by Paula Heitzner

The month of March, with the return of more light, stirs our imagination and physicality. We emerge from winter's cocoon, and naturally seek the increasing energy and promise inherent in spring. This time is perfect to utilize the benefits of our yoga practice. Paraphrasing the well-known saying of R&R, typically known as rest and relaxation, we also can embrace it as resiliency along with resistance, recovery or resolution. The second "R" always should be self-determined so as to be appropriate at any given time in one's life. As the journey unfolds, we can enlarge R&R to be an all-encompassing R, R, R & R of resiliency, resistance, recovery and resolution. Whimsically, the four RRRR's reminds me of the growling mantra of powerful creatures, who also share the prana.

This is where our yoga exposure helps us. Self-awareness is the foundation of wellness, a plain and irrefutable truth. We must become aware of the importance and positive impact of resiliency. This builds the inner strength necessary to stand up and resist detrimental habits, patterns, mind-sets and negativities and to move forward seeking the light of change.

We must be resilient in our quest to not discount uncomfortable or painful sensations and seek only what is pleasurable and easy. Denial is and always will be easier than the discoveries of self-awareness, proving the need for the tools of resiliency as we manifest our deepest human potential-to be all that we can be. This path works with our innate cellular systems to restore and recalibrate the balance of wellness. It strengthens our breathing capacity, easing the stress and tension, which when unchecked, could lead to dis-ease…the beginnings of disease.

With resiliency we can bounce back from the realities of life that are threatening and with resistance we can face those thoughts and fears that undermine us spiritually, mentally and emotionally leading to physical weakening and emerge stronger. There are many R & R’s that can lead to a balance in life's spectrum.

Paula Heitzner is the founder of the Nyack Yoga Center, located at the New Age Center at 1 South Broadway in Nyack. Heitzner, Robin Laufer and Jeannie DeMarco all teach classes at the New Age Center that ground, center and align with bringing about the highest good for their students. For more information, contact 356-5613 or visit

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