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Resilience Fitness Training for Educators

Sifu Ed D’Urso is proud to announce that on October 18, The Fire Mountain School of Resilience Fitness Training and Centered Martial Arts in partnership with the Rockland Teacher's Center Institute will be offering a 4 week, 15 credit hour introductory Resilience Fitness Training for Educators course.

The course will be co-taught by Sifu Ed D’Urso, creator of Resilience Fitness Training System and founder of the Fire Mountain School and Gregg Malora, a tenured teacher of Technology Education at NRHS with 30 years of teaching experience. Malora is a Master of Resilience Fitness and has been successfully using RFT to optimize his teaching skills, the classroom environment and his student’s learning potential. By training his natural resilience, Malora has managed to revitalize his passion for teaching while creating a healthier learning environment for his students.

“The premise is simple,’ explains D’Urso, “wherever you have triumphed over adversity, suffering and defeat, you did so by virtue of your resilience. Wherever humanity has triumphed and evolved, we have done so through resilience. The quality of resilience is one of humanities greatest gifts, alongside curiosity, love and forgiveness. In fact, without resilience these virtues are often overcome by human nature and the adversity of life. Education is no exception. Successful learning is in many ways, more challenging than ordinary life. Resilience Fitness Training empowers us to drive our resilience and efficiently impart the knowledge and experience students need to thrive in life and education.

For more information, contact Sifu Ed at 893-3160 or Gregg Malora at 459-9731 or

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