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Resilience Course for Educators

“Want to be a highly effective teacher but feel overburdened or frustrated? What if there was a way to make these stressors that drain your passion for educating into rallying points that inspire and empower you and your students to new knowledge?,” asks Sifu Ed D’Urso.

D’Urso and Gregg Malora are proud to announce that on January 10th, The Fire Mountain School of Resilience Fitness Training and Centered Martial Arts in partnership with The Rockland Teacher’s Center Institute will be offering a 4-week, 15 hour introductory Resilience Fitness Training for Educators course.

“Both being an effective teacher and experiencing burnout are found in your relationship with stress, not in the elimination of it. Your ability to adapt to stress while teaching is the difference between feeling exhausted and feeling energized. If your response to stress is not empowering your ability to adapt to the stress, in real-time, it may be a part of what is ailing you. When you adapt to the stress, it becomes a resource for greater success and well-being. Acceptance is key,” explains D’Urso.

In this course, you will develop methods and strategies that inspire and utilize resilience fitness as a tool to enhance physical, emotional and mental abilities and talents. The ultimate goal is to improve the learning environment and to maximize the talents of the teacher and their students.

Location: The RTC Institute/North Rockland High School, 106 Hammond Rd., Thiells. For more information, contact Sifu Ed at 893-3160 or Gregg Malora at 459-9731 or visit or

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