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Reiki for Autoimmune Disorders by Cathy Kennedy

Years ago I was diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease (BD), an autoimmune disorder with no known cause. In addition to osteoarthritis and severe fatigue, symptoms included joint pain and swelling, major gastrointestinal problems, mouth and skin lesions and more. Since BD is an inflammatory blood vessel disease, it affected many parts of my body. After being on medications for years, my body began experiencing the side effects of those medications. My health was suffering and it carried out into all areas of my life.

A friend suggested I try Reiki. After my first Reiki session I saw a difference. After a few weeks, blood tests showed less inflammation. This was due to the energy moving through my body and releasing blockages. Reiki helped clear the emotional blockages in my stomach which helped to relieve my gastrointestinal problems. Taking the time to go to a Reiki session every week helped me to learn to relax and let go of the stressors in my life. By the third month I was no longer on pain medication. I was sleeping better and I had more energy on a daily basis. It was truly a life-changing experience for me.

What is an autoimmune disease?

Autoimmune disease is an overactive response of the body's immune system attacking the healthy cells and tissue. The main purpose of the immune system is to protect the body from viruses and bacteria. With autoimmune disease, the immune system has trouble discerning the difference between foreign matter and the body’s own tissue. When this happens, the immune system mistakenly attacks the body's own tissue, which results in the development of an autoimmune disorder.

The symptoms of autoimmune range from mild to debilitating. Some of the more common symptoms include joint point and swelling, headaches, brain fog, severe fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, and digestive tract upset. Since the stomach is one of the main areas where we hold emotions such as fear, nervousness and anxiety, gastrointestinal issues may be made worse with autoimmune diseases.

In order to control an autoimmune disease, you must find a healthy balance. This can include changing your diet and possibly eliminating, gluten, sugar or nightshade vegetables. One of the most important aspects is eliminating stress. Stress has many effects on your health, especially your immune system. Many people noted the onset of their autoimmune disease during a rough time in their life including the loss of a loved one, a car accident, a difficult pregnancy or divorce.

Reiki for stress reduction

Reiki is a great way to decrease stress. Reiki is a Japanese technique that is simple, natural and safe. Reiki focuses on helping the energy in our bodies to move freely in order to keep us functioning at our optimum health. Energy flows in our bodies through pathways known as chakras and meridians. This energy feeds the cells in the body and supports their functioning. When the energy is blocked, pain and discomfort can arise. Reiki helps moves the energy through the body while clearing blockages, getting us back in flow.

Once the energy is moving freely through your body, it functions more easily and increases your energy levels as well. Patients suffering with autoimmune disorders often are dealing with severe fatigue. This can lead to depression and anxiety due to the low energy and lifestyle changes. Reiki not only heals you physically but also emotionally. It promotes relaxation, making you feel calm and at peace. Plus, a boost in energy is a definite mood booster.

Cathy Kennedy is a Reiki practitioner and recently established the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in our area. For more information or to schedule a session, contact or 646-627- 6641. For more information about the chamber and the monthly meetings, visit

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