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Barbara Boyer

Barbara Boyer yoga

Like music, movement speaks to the soul. Barbara Boyer came upon this realization early on through athletics, figure skating and dance while working in Manhattan’s music industry in the 1990s. Searching for a deeper connection internally she sought out meditation and became certified in transcendental meditation. Committed to her meditation practice she also took her love of movement into exploring the healing art of yoga. Her first yoga experience was at the Dharma Yoga Center in Manhattan and from there yoga became an integral part of her life. In 2003 she moved to the Hudson Valley and became a certified yoga instructor, completing both her 200 hour teacher training and 500 hour/yoga therapy certification. She also is a level 1 cranial sacral practitioner incorporating cranial work in her private practice to assist individuals in balancing physical and emotional needs.

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Community Spotlight Authentic Antique Lumber Enhance Your Home with Unique, Sustainable Furniture and Flooring

living room authentic antique lumber

If you are looking to buy new furniture then you will want to stop by the new showroom of Authentic Antique Lumber in Goshen. With their commitment to sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship, all their pieces are unique and a wonderful addition to any home. Specializing in furniture and flooring using reclaimed lumber, they are able to salvage wood even when it looks like it will be too old and weathered. By shaving down a few layers they often can give the wood new life. In addition to being cost effective to reuse wood, it also preserves the history and memories of that wood, whether it came from an old barn or a beloved fallen tree. Perhaps that wood will become new flooring, a custom piece of furniture or even a birdhouse. They can build and provide barn doors, coffee and end tables, dining room tables, headboards, fireplace mantels, hand hewn beam bed frames and more. They offer a huge array of types and shades of wood including oak, maple and pine.

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Experience the Benefits of Reiki


“Reiki shares are a gathering of approximately 2 hours which allows the community to experience the benefits of Reiki in a group setting. All are welcome from practitioners of any level to novices,” explains Reiki Master/ Teacher and Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) practitioner Lisa LaCava. “Shares are intended to help educate anyone who is curious about Reiki and to give practitioners the opportunity to give and receive Reiki energy. Non-practitioners can participate by simply visualizing the person surrounded by healing light. This allows everyone to participate and feel the collective energy in a safe and protected way.”

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Personalized Hospice Care for Better Quality of Life

nb united hospice of rockland logo

United Hospice of Rockland (UHR) is here for you when time matters most. UHR is the premier provider of specialized care, comfort and improved quality of life to individuals and their families affected by serious illness in Rockland County. Compassionate bereavement care is provided to surviving hospice families and others in the community who have experienced a loss. Hospice care is available in patients’ homes, local hospitals, skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities and group homes. Residential care also is available at UHR’s Joe Raso Hospice Residence, a home-like setting that provides an alternative for individuals who can no longer remain at home for various reasons.

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How Improving Your Relationships Is Key to Good Health by Liz Whalen

I love practicing Ayurveda because it truly is a holistic form of medicine. When I meet with a new client for the first time, I don’t just ask them about their symptoms. I ask them about how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and how their relationships are. My clients are often surprised when I explain that their relationships are a key factor in regard to their health. Allow me to elaborate: Your stress levels affect most every function in your body, including immune function, digestion, reproductive function and sleep. When we are in a constant state of even moderate stress, it can negatively impact these systems. If left untreated, stress eventually can lead to disease.

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Yoga Begin Where You Are by Bridget Rawls Peterson

bridget yoga article photo

You have made the commitment to be more proactive about your health and have decided that yoga will be part of that commitment. But where do you begin this practice if you have never done yoga?

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Positively Priming the Mind Workshop


Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPT, will be the keynote speaker at a Positively Priming the Mind Workshop from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 22 in New York City. Participants will learn more about the research and technology behind the accelerated learning tool called Mind Power Technology (MindPT) that serves businesses, nonprofits, organizations and entrepreneurs in creating positive results by priming the mind to start each day on a positive note.

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Achieve Optimal Health with Nutrition Class and Weight Loss Program

nb janette pena ws

Dr. Janette Asaro Pena of Newburgh Chiropractic helps her clients keep their New Year's Resolutions with two options—her successful nutrition class and the weight loss program. “My nutrition class is geared toward educating you on the myths of weight loss and how to make healthy choices for you and your family. I pair that with a customized weight loss program that really works long-term,” she explains. “You can do it.”

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Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Soul with Tai Chi by Felicia Somma and Marlene Stefanelli

Which of us has not been intrigued when observing seemingly elderly people, up at sunrise, moving simultaneously, slowly, fluidly, gracefully and effortlessly in what we collectively know as Tai Chi? Have you wondered if you could move so gracefully? Balance seems to come easily to them and they look so peaceful.

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Enrich Your Partnerships Tips for Mindful Relationships by Dr. Sally Nazari

Relationships can be some of the most incredible experiences of our lives. They also can be difficult. You want to feel connected to your partner, yet sometimes it may feel like there is a wall up between the two of you. You want to understand your partner, but find you sometimes feel like you’re speaking two different languages. You may have the same argument again and again and can predict exactly how it will go, yet never can come to a resolution. Mindful relationships can offer a way to reach a greater point of connectivity and resolution.

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