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Sacred Painting Workshop with Mavis Gewant

Ananda Ashram in Monroe will be hosting a Sacred Painting Workshop with Mavis Gewant on April 20-21. This workshop will give students an opportunity to delve deeper into their sacred painting practice, as Mavis Gewant guides them in creating yantras, mandalas and deity paintings.

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When Pills Stop Working, Hypnosis Steps In by Ajamu Ayinde

Tom was an expert on back pain. Over the last seven years he had been to four different doctors, had tried many prescriptions and over the counter medicines but the result was always the same. It would work for a period of time and then bit by bit the nagging pain would return. More pills and higher dosages didn’t do the trick. He knew the next step was surgery. When he sought out hypnosis he saw it as his last resort before going under the knife. At the end of his eight session program he was feeling good, sleeping better and had cut his medication by more than half. This time the pain stayed away longer and there were no side effects like an upset stomach.

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Rockland Green Festival and Awards

On Sunday, May 19 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority will host its Fourth Annual Environmental Day, “Living Green in Rockland,” at their facilities in Hillburn.

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New Services at Piermont Gynecology

Dr. Janis Enzenbacher, national hormone expert, and Dr. Isadora Guggenheim, chronic disease expert, are now offering new services for men, women and teens. According to Enzenbacher, “The HCG diet is a proven method to reshape and redefine your body without surgery. We use a turn-key program that guides you through every step and you’ll lose stubborn fat stores in just forty days. We only use the original injectable program.”

Enzenbacher also offers hormone replacement therapy for men and women. If you have low testosterone, hot flashes. memory issues, no sex drive or are worried about your bone health, she offers advanced and safe hormone replacement programs.

If you are feeling tired all the time but do not know why, Guggenheim offers comprehensive testing to find the root cause of your fatigue. She offers I.V. therapies to help reverse chronic conditions. I.V. chelation can remove heavy metals and uses vitamin and minerals drips to replenish and renew. Guggenheim adds, “We have specialized brain chemistry drips for teens taking SAT and ACTS tests. The results for teens who do weekly drips have been dramatic.”

Call today to schedule a consultation or for more information.

Location: 105 Shad Row, Ste. 1B, Piermont. To arrange for an appointment, call 680-6600 or e-mail For more information, visit Dr. Guggenheim also has locations in Nyack and Norwalk, CT and can be reached at 358-8385.

Regional Cuisine Served in Historic Setting

NYS Routes 17K and 208 intersect before the front porch of a building that has long served Orange County’s farming community. Today, Camillo’s at the Crossroads Restaurant operates year-round from within this 18th century structure first built to house Evan’s General Store.

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Get More from Your Marriage by Barry and Liz Carl

You meet your soul mate. You dream together, make plans, envision a future together, and get married in order to fulfill your mutual vision. You begin your marriage full of hopes and enthusiasm. Things go well for a time, and then you wake up one morning full of sadness and yearning, or maybe you just feel empty, devoid of the passion and excitement that was so abundant at the beginning. You don’t dislike your mate, but you miss the fullness that you used to feel in your heart when you were together. Is your marriage over?

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Open House at Union Arts Center

The Union Arts Center, located in the hamlet of Sparkill, invites you to attend their open house on Saturday, April 6 from 11 a.m to 6 p.m and enjoy live music, art and food. “The center is celebrating the completion of the full renovation of the building and the opening of the Art Center. Union Arts Center honors the creative life force and flow within everyone,” explains founder Simon Basner.

Union Arts hopes to inspire a lively engagement of community, through classes, workshops, concerts and performances. The center hosts events in the performing, visual and healing arts. “We are delighted to add to the local landscape of art and community,” shares Basner.

Location: 2 Union Ave., Sparkill., Next to Piermont and South of Nyack. For more information, visit UnionArtsCenter. com or or call 359-0258.

Local Practitioner Expands Area of Practice

Christin Harvey, Feldenkrais Practitioner® and New York state licensed massage therapist is expanding her practice to include Orange and Westchester counties, Bergen County, New Jersey and the lower Connecticut area. She offers in-home massage and Functional Integration® lessons throughout the region and group Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) classes upon request.

“The Feldenkrais Method® uses a series of conscious controlled movements to make us more kinesthetically aware of our existing patterns,” says Harvey, “and ultimately guides us to discover more effective movement patterns.”

Harvey has over 15 years’ experience as a bodyworker treating all age groups, including pediatrics, adolescents and adults. Her treatment philosophy is simple: “My goal is to help my clients feel better so they can achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals by moving smarter and easier with less force and more natural grace,” she says.

Harvey often utilizes a two-step approach, initially reducing a client’s pain and discomfort with massage and then rehabilitating them with a variety of Feldenkrais techniques. She is always looking for ways to raise awareness of the Feldenkrais Method and is available to speak and lead group ATM classes at women’s clubs, Elks clubs, local libraries or senior centers upon request.

Nyack location: Elan Physical Therapy, 66 N. Highland Ave., Nyack. For more information, contact 914-299-3838 or

Learn Muscle Testing

Fran Sussman of Sussman Holistic Services, Inc. will teach a muscle testing class that will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. over two Saturdays, April 6 and 13.

Class participants will learn how to do simple muscle testing on themselves and others. Sussman will also do some individual work with each participant, and discuss the process of using muscle testing in a healing context. "I have been using muscle testing professionally and personally for twenty-five years,” says Sussman, “and can't imagine life without it.”

Sussman, a holistic health practitioner based in Orange County since 1993, has successfully taught many people how to use muscle testing. “We will go step by step, so that you can learn correctly, and confidently apply what you learn," she says.

Class size is limited to a small group to allow plenty of time for individual attention.

Cost: $250 for both days. Email Fran at to register. For more information, call 496-0385 or visit

Crystal Connection Spring Re-Opening and New Webstore

Crystal Connection is re-opening in April with an amazing new look and feel. As owner Cephora shares, “The space is stunning and finding your stones has never been easier. We hope to inspire you to come for a visit.”

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