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Organic and Fair Trade Teas Available from Local Company

Teagevity is a local company that sells over 65 varieties of organic loose tea, herbs, tisanes and tea gear. Teagevity came in to life based around founder Preston Powell’s martial arts training in Asia. “I wanted to share the fellowship and the medicinal qualities tea has provided me over the years. After karate classes we would compai (have a toast) to longevity. And from that, Teagevity was born.”

Teagevity sells tea to high end Hudson Valley restaurants and markets, including the Hudson House restaurant in Nyack and the Sidewalk Bistro in Piermont. Teagevity teas also will be available at the new Nyack Playhouse Market and is available at the Nyack Farmers' Market every Thursday and the “Souk” Upmarket in Piermont every Sunday.

Powell’s favorite tea is Pu-erh which is a black aged fermented tea from Yunnan province in China. It dates back many thousand years and has amazing qualities and has a unique earthy aroma that speaks to your soul. “Pu-erh is great for removing toxins from the body, lowering cholesterol and cutting fat and can be steeped many times over,” explains Powell.

Teagevity is proud to be environmentally responsible, selecting organic & fair trade tea gardens and all-natural sustainable packaging. They package all their teas in 2 ounce 100% recyclable bags and each bag makes approximately 30 cups of tea.

Location: Nyack Farmer’s Market in Nyack, “Souk” Upmarket in Piermont, local restaurants and online. For more information, contact 353-8505 or visit

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